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This question “Should I Add My Company Name to the Website Title Tags?” is one that has been asked often.

And SEO Experts, Specialists and Managers from years ago will undoubtedly give you a different answer than what I am about to give you here.

The answer is Absolutely Not!

Why you might ask?

I’ll tell you!


Here is why You Should Not add your company name to your website title tags

  1. It wastes valuable character space that could be used to better describe your product / service
  2. Google will add it for you

Very simple right? It definitely is.


One of the most valuable assets when it comes to SEO is your Title Tag.  And not wasting the limited amount of characters you have for those title tags adding your company name is of Huge Importance!  Use these instead to be relevant to searchers


How will Google add your company name to the Title?

They just do it!

Well as long as you’ve set yourself up on Google My Business.

Here’s the proof. Watch this video to see how it works.









Content Marketing for Print Companies Example






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    Day 1 at PRINT 19 was a Success!

    We got to meet with a lot of interested print companies from all over the U.S. and all them had the same things to say…  “How do we get in front of more customers online?”

    Obviously we were excited to talk to everyone about that and set them on a path that will generate those leads and sales online.

    But we also felt even more determined to push harder on making sure that the entire Print Industry knows how to do this well!

    So make sure to check out the resources we have available here on Digital Marketing for Print Companies.

    And for fun, here are a couple shots from our booth with new “Acumen Fans”.


    Every time someone new joins the Acumen Team we get excited to share with you a little about them.

    Mark is joining us as the newest Account Manager and we asked him a few questions that are always good “get to know you” ice-breakers.

    Where are you from?

    I was born and raised in Belleville, IL.

    What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working)?

    I enjoy watching and playing cricket, hiking, and checking out new places around town with friends and family.

    Favorite Movie Genre?

    My favorite movie genre is comedy. I think it’s so impressive when people can come together and make others laugh.

    Favorite Type of Music?

    My favorite music is alternative/punk rock. Having grown up in the late 90’s I was around for the glory days of that genre. Blink 182 and Taking Back Sunday are two of my favorites.

    Place you’d like to visit?

    I’d love to visit New Zealand. It’s been my number one travel destination for many years now. I love the beauty of it.

    Drink of Choice?

    Drink of choice is water with MiO flavoring. Orange Vanilla is my favorite. I don’t drink coffee, so I’d like to think constantly drinking water throughout the day keeps me energized.

    Have you every asked the question: Who Should I Be Targeting on Facebook?

    This is one of the Most Common questions we hear from print companies when it comes to Facebook.
    And it’s actually a really good question!

    Why Did We Put This List Together?

    To be honest it’s our business to put together content & campaigns for printers like you which in many cases includes running Facebook ads to get you in front of new customers. BUT we know you’ll want to try this out.
    And if you do try it using what we’ve shared here and it works (which we know it will), then we’re hoping to get a shout out from you online or at least some feedback on the results you achieved!

    Who are the Targets?

    We have the exact settings & targeting for you in a PDF for download but to give you a quick glimpse into what the interface and targeting will look like for you we’ve shared a snapshot below.


    Download the Facebook Targeting PDF Below

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      Have you seen an increase in your organic (SEO) traffic or a jump in Paid Search (Google Ads) traffic?
      Over the past 7 months we’ve seen an Enormous spike in searches for manufacturing and professional service terms.
      More specifically, these searches have a buying focused intent. Really Good News for you!
      In 2019 so far there has been a lot of leadership change across many B2B industries and new decision makers are replacing an older generation of buyers.
      What we’ve found is that this has been the primary factor in all of this new demand online for B2B products & services.

      Why is this such a good thing? (B2B Buyers searching for products more online)

      This is proving to be a good thing for B2B companies who currently have a strong presence online, in the search engines, on social media, are running ads and are using email consistently.
      The companies who are not doing this shouldn’t feel any increase since they are not being found online.
      It’s only been the last 2 months that many of these B2B companies have realized this and those that have are currently working at a feverish pace to build out their content and optimize their online presence to take advantage of this wave of opportunity that is positioned to continue it’s growth for a while.

      You Need to Be Creating New Optimized Content for Your B2B Buyers!

      It will be important to get in early as more and more companies (your competitors) get in and start to crowd the space.
      The longer you wait the further behind you’ll fall and having to climb a mountain of competitors content is so much harder than getting in early and holding a top spot, getting the authority, traffic, leads and sales.

      If You Have Questions on This Call Us at 314-736-4434

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