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Author: John Bracamontes

PPC for Private Equity

Private Equity has traditionally sourced deals through personal and professional networks, direct and referral. PPC (Pay Per Click) has not been used much in the industry.

Why hasn’t Private Equity used PPC?
The simple answer is they haven’t had to.
Now deals are becoming harder to source and competition has increased through the creation of many new PE firms.

How can Private Equity firms use Pay Per Click?
The search engines give you the ability to look inside at what people search.
We can identify search queries that are relevant to your firms offering.
“St. Louis Private Equity Firm”
“Investment Options to Grow my Business”

We can bid on terms like these and drive paid traffic to your firms website, where they can learn more about their options, contact you via email or call you by phone.

It really is that simple.
New Traffic = New Leads = Increased Deal Flow = More Closed Deals!

Knowing who to target
By matching search queries to intent we can identify what type of person is conducting the search.
A business owner, industry parter (Broker Dealer, Retail Bank, etc.) or a professional service provider (Advisor, Attorney, Accountatn, etc).
This is important because we can present the most meaningful information to them.

How else can this be used
Using search data, we can generate marketing or industry insights for your firm when considering a new business. This can be done industry wide or at the stage of feasibility.

PPC is a great tool within the entire spectrum of the Private Equity Digital Marketing suite.

We work and have worked with many CPA firm across the US, but we just recently had the chance to see the extraordinary things going on at one particular CPA Firm that we just have to give a shout out to.
The leading CPA Firm in Dallas, Gurian CPA has made huge moves in the industry when it comes to client service. They are 100% in it for their clients making sure that every piece of advice is one that will help them grow.
Just wanted to throw that out there and show them some love.

We have seen time and time again where Private Equity is lagging in their Digital Marketing efforts.  And we wanted to pose the question, Why is that?  Let us give you a picture of what we see as a trend and the reasons that Private Equity is behind in their Digital Strategy and Online Marketing.

Financial institutions are traditionally conservative and for years the traditional way of marketing their services has worked and to some extent continues to work for them.  There is so much money being made in the space that losses are less hard hitting than in other industries (many financial institutions still make money when others lose).  Until recently the use of “Big Data” or easily obtained user data, had not been used for groups like the private equity firms.

They simply just didn’t need to do it.  (in their minds)

Congratulations to the 2013 Winners of the St. Louis Small Business Monthly Best in Business Awards!

Best List 2013 Award Honorees
For the fourth year, we’ve asked our readers to let us know the BEST companies in St. Louis.  The following honorees have been chosen as the BEST.
The top winners will also be honored at a special luncheon October 23, 2013, 11am-1pm at the St. Charles Convention Center.

Let us tell you a story.

There was this girl named Sarah who wanted to become a photographer, but thought that it wasn’t going to be possible to make her living off of just taking pictures. She was working at a fast food restaurant and had only worked in fast food period.

She spent her free time taking photos and reading up on Photoshop techniques she found through Google searches and YouTube videos. Creating really nice pieces of work for a portfolio. She tried getting jobs at local photo studios or with known photographers in the area, but no luck.

She was searching online about how to get in to the photo business, when she came across a comment that recommending reading a book about building a brand online. She bought and read that book.

Sarah began to implement some of the things that she read in this book. She started Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter account and began sharing her work and what she was up to. Sarah also created a website for herself using WordPress, read about SEO and used that knowledge and recommended tools to build out the website in an intelligent way. She also read about Digital Marketing Strategy and found that paid advertising through search ads and display ads could generate traffic to her website.
She posted new content to her blog and continued to share her work on social sites.

Pretty soon people started asking her to do their wedding, engagement and children’s photo sessions.
This grew and grew and she had to hire help.

Not only did the amount of work grow, but her reputation grew as well. Making Sarah a go to photographer in her region.

Sarah’s dream of becoming a photographer came true and exceeded her expectations!

What you have just read is a classic example of the Power of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.
All of this information online is organized and implemented correctly can drive extremely positive results for businesses of any size, whether you are a Sarah or a Wal-Mart, Digital is a catalyst for extreme growth and strong branding.

It’s true that Print Still Works, we use this in campaigns for our clients, where the print pieces use Purls that direct the recipients to personalized microsites or simple vanity url’s that lead to websites or landing pages.
This medium works very well with financial services marketing.

  • Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Banking
  • etc

We just wanted to throw our two cents out there to re-iterate that Print is Not Dead.
Check out Kopytek our favorite St. Louis Printing Company!

Recently we have seen posts speaking about, where have the water cooler moments gone? These are specifically referring to the lack of creative that has spread and stuck with nearly every household in America or further like the Budweiser Frogs. They especially talk about this not existing in the world of Digital, but the fact is that these Water Cooler Moments are created all the time. Having everyone in America associate the Budweiser Frogs with Anheuser-Busch is cool, but for the majority of companies this wouldn’t mean as much. Many companies are successfully creating viral long lasting ads and digital campaigns that stick with their key target audience. Extremely Effective!
It’s these type of moments that are extremely meaningful for brands.
We at Acumen don’t really care if a dog walker who likes gelato associates our brand with some ad creative or positive results we achieved for a client, but we do care if a marketing manager of a fortune 1000 company who is running digital campaigns knows that we produce astronomically high ROI for our clients and that we are the most intelligent Digital Strategists in the business, we also care if a Harvard Professor of Marketing knows our reputation and uses one of our campaigns as a case study/case method in their curriculum.

So to be clear, water cooler moments happen all the time, in the cells they matter and are more effective

This first post is to clarify what type of a digital agency Acumen Studios is.

There are many agencies that call themselves digital agencies and rightfully so, there really is no true definition for the term so we want to make sure you know how it defines us.

We are a Digital Agency that focuses on Digital Strategy, where Digital Strategy for us is the Digital Tactical Strategy involved in any marketing effort. We develop and employ tactics for any digital aspect of a marketing program.

What Digital Things do we do as a Digital Agency?
Digital Consulting
Digital Activation
Digital Marketing
Marketing Integration
Workforce Optimization Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click
Social Media Marketing
Digital Display Advertising
Mobile Marketing
Business Intelligence
Predictive Modeling
Email Marketing Testing
A/B Testing
Multivariate Testing
User Experience
Competitive Analysis
Conversion Rate Optimization
Marketing Automation
CRM Integration
Digital Personalization

We are really good at Digital, Really Smart and Generate Very High ROI!

First let’s define what B2B Marketing is.

B2B Marketing is the marketing of products or services to other businesses and organizations.

It’s different from B2C because it’s focused more on function and use of the product.


With that being said we know it can be helpful to get informative B2B Marketing tips each year that will help you elevate your marketing so we wanted to give you the Top 3 B2B Marketing Tips for 2020.


The Top 3 B2B Marketing Tips

  • Use LinkedIn Ads Research to Prioritize Customer Targets
  • Email Specific Tips to Your Customers
  • Blog About What Customers are Searching For

Simply doing those 3 things will get you more leads and more sales by saying the right thing to the right customers. Many marketers know these strategies but fail to do them and if done correctly they will see results like they’ve never seen before.


What Should You Do Next?

If you’re stuck on how to do these 3 B2B Marketing Tips or have tried them but aren’t getting the results that you thought then you might:

  • Need help understanding how to use the LinkedIn Ads platform
  • Have run out of ideas for tips in your email marketing and can’t think of new ones
  • Are struggling to get good Keyword Research data

If that’s what is happening to you then give us a call to talk about how we can help you create better content that will generate leads for years to come.


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    Have you ever experienced a time when you felt that you’ve tried everything?

    We know that feeling as well and is why we asked the team for the top marketing tips they had for 2020. There were a lot of good tips that came through (and some that weren’t) but we paired the list down to the top 3 that had the most potential to generate big results this year.


    The Top 3 B2B Marketing Tips

    Here is the final list of what we found are the best tips for 2020!


    1. Use LinkedIn to Identify Customer Targets

    Using the LinkedIn Ads Manager, start by creating an ad (you won’t actually create one) to then search what customers you can actually target by industry, job title, years of experience and more.

    This will show you who is targetable on LinkedIn so when you publish that content or run an ad you’ll ensure you are speaking to an audience that is present on the platform and highly specific.


    2. Email Tips to Your Customers

    Send emails to your customers that contain ideas on how they can help their businesses grow, differentiate or save time & money. Giving them ideas will help them see you as a valuable resource, keep you top of mind and give them ideas that will lead to increased sales. Get creative here!


    3. Create Blog Topics from Keyword Research

    Take your keyword research a step further by using the terms you found and expanding your research into more detailed questions that are being asked online by your customers.

    There are a number of ways to do this, but to keep things simple, do your initial keyword research then come up with questions your customers might ask that include those keywords, and search those questions online to find many ideas on what to write about.


    We know there is a lot that goes into each of these tips, but trust us it can be done and if you run into issues doing this on your own reach out. It’s what we’re here for!


    If You Want to Talk With Us About Your B2B Marketing Strategy or Have Questions, Call Us at 866-357-7422

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