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Author: John Bracamontes

It’s easy to find case studies on beautiful campaigns for consumer goods, restaurants, and car manufacturers, but when it comes to B2B Campaigns, many struggle to produce good examples of beautiful high performing B2B Marketing Campaigns.

We have for you a PDF download that contains 7 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns that you could do for yourself.

Download these 7 B2B Marketing Campaign Ideas Here:


These 9 Critical B2B Content Marketing Statistics are superior examples of what You Should be doing in your B2B Content Marketing effort.
CEO’s, Executives, Directors and Managers need to pay close attention as to how they are creating, distributing and engaging their B2B Content.

Here are the Top 9 Critical B2B Content Marketing Stats

The conclusion here is that you really need to be investing more time, energy and effort into your B2B Content Marketing campaigns.
Ensure you are driving more visibility, leads and sales.
And the best approaches may be to focuson on using Paid Search / SEM / PPC, LinkedIn and Lead Ads on networks like Facebook.

If you want to learn morea about how we approach content marketing for B2B companies then contact us right now. We would love to learn what your goals are.

Many businesses have no clue how effective their digital efforts are within and outside of the organization. Teams are reporting to executive vanity metrics and isolated analyses that don’t tell the whole picture. This leads to the continued state of “You don’t know, what you don’t know”.
This is a problem!

Understanding how you compare and how effective your organization is a digital competence practice can dramatically increase your ability to be efficient and effective at strategic operations, marketing and finance. This will translate to higher margins, lower cost of visibility, increased employee happiness, lower cost and an increased number of new customers.

Creating this scoring framework for your Digital Competence can bring structure and clarity to optimizing your business in two ways: first, by defining where digital technology has the greatest impact and, second, by providing a clear method for assessing how your company compares with the competition in capability areas that will be essential for success in the face of digital change.

A fact-based assessment of a company’s digital competence can provide executives & managers with the intelligence needed to keep moving in the same direction or make a pivot when the digital scorecard has raised red flags.

As an example:
In retail markets, the paramount priority may be creating highly relevant omnichannel customer experiences that build strong relationships with a target demographic.

For an auto supplier, on the other hand, the key issue may be how well it meets customer needs in areas like infotainment and assisted driving, or how effectively it deploys digital tools in its own business to manage its supply chain, inventories and product development.

Defining where digital contributes the most value in a given industry is the first step in assessing where a company falls on a spectrum of excellence and leadership. It also helps identify where insurgents are disrupting the status quo and how quickly.

Check out this graphic on how retail can leverage Digital effectively in 6 key areas

Digital Scorecard 6 Key Areas

View more about how Private Equity firms use this in their due diligence process from this article by Bain: http://www.bain.com/publications/articles/measuring-companys-digital-competence.aspx

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    Specifics You Would Like Us to Know?

    Just a quick post today on something very important to us.

    What is the Best Marketing Technology?

    Answer: A Question

    Questions are the most powerful tool we have as marketers.
    What you don’t know affects the outcome of your efforts.
    Many of us have solutions or “know” the market.

    The biggest thing we must focus on is The Goal.
    To know the Goal, we must ask what it is, if it isn’t known (which is an answer to your question) you must define it, which will require even more questioning.

    This cycle continues across all aspects of marketing, business, relationships, LIFE.

    Question Everything & Execute Intelligently!

    I’m going to make this a very short article.

    I continue to talk to companies who are not seeing results from their “content marketing” or the agencies doing that work for them.

    And EVERY TIME it is due to the same thing.
    The content is not being distributed effectively.

    In fact, much of the time that content isn’t being distributed at all!

    Here’s the Thing About Content Marketing Distribution

    Many companies and agencies still believe that you can simply create sexy website or write well crafted blog posts and it will generate new business for them.
    This is WRONG!

    While a sexy website and well formed content is useful when applied correctly, if you do not distribute this to those who will benefit from it most, then you wasted your time and money.

    That’s it.
    Your content MUST be delivered multi-channel to ensure visibility, awareness, conversion and revenue.

    Go-To Distribution Channels

    • Website (optimized for search engines and users)
    • Blog Posts
    • Social Media
    • Email
    • Paid Search
    • Video
    • Print
    • Streaming Radio
    • and more

    Wherever your prospects are, you must be there.

    Quit just making pretty looking & sounding things and start putting it to work.

    I put together this quick video to give you an introduction into what we do at Acumen Studio.

    We are a High Performance Digital Marketing Agency that Connects People With Companies.

    Content Marketing
    Website Optimization
    SEO / Search Engine Optimization
    PPC / Pay Per Click / SEM
    Social Media Marketing, Management & Optimization
    Email Marketing & Marketing Automation
    Analytics, Reporting & Insights

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      Anything Else You Want Us to Know?

      What we see over and over again are people and agencies speaking on how easy SEO is and minimizing it by only talking about the most basic aspects of both SEO and overall Digital Marketing.

      Why is this?
      It definitely makes it easier to sell, but is that the only reason?

      We dug in and realized that the reason most people minimize how important the tactics within Digital Marketing actually are (including SEO) is because they SUCK at Execution. They cannot do the work well.

      It’s easy to say you should be strategic and speak to the right people at the right time online, but when it comes to actually pulling that off, most fail and fail hard.

      This is where we differentiate in that our execution is deep and drives massive results.

      Our advice to everyone is to Quit talking about Digital Marketing like you know something if you can’t back it up with execution.

      Talk to us!

      The Question: “What should I include in my content marketing?”

      Here are the things that YOU SHOULD be including in your content marketing efforts.

      You don’t just need content, you need Awesome Content!

      Developing relevant content does not have to be a difficult. It doesn’t require any special tools, secret or magic. It all begins with understanding who your prospects & customers are, how they behave and what they crave.

      The formula:
      Useful x Consumable x Inspired = Innovative Content

      This process begins with the creation of a piece of a REAL IDEA, Not some 2,000 word “evergreen” piece or ebook. Something Awesome.
      Many marketers will tell you this should be a 50 to 100 page ebook or massive how to guide. The problem is most people can’t handle it. Big = Overwhelming.

      Everyone wants to believe there is a magic bullet. So create the Magic Bullet!

      Highly valuable & easily consumed content is the gift that keeps on giving. This content will attract links, generate traffic and build brand awareness.

      Once your content is created, blast it EVERYWHERE: Company pages, email, blog, sponsored updates, Display ads, SlideShare, PPC, Twitter, etc.

      Simple Execution
      In many cases it is easy to develop a set of goals, but a plan is specific, executed over time and measurable. After determining what your Big Idea is going to be, write that out into a series or digestable snapshots that can easily be distributed over time. This can include videos, infographics, blog posts, 3rd party posts, podcasts, etc.

      Week 1: Publish & Schedule Your Content
      Week 2: Conduct a Webinar
      Week 3: Run a Contest
      Week 4: Lead a Twitter Chat
      Week 5: Do an interview: On TV, Online, At a Conference, etc.

      While all of this is running your content is being promoted though influencer outreach, promoted posts, email, sponsored updates, paid search, retargeting, organic social, organic search, etc.

      Everything gets tagged and tracked for performance evaluation and follow up.

      Your Blog
      Make your blog content diverse, relevant and structured.

      Monday: Case Studies, Statistics / Infographics, Industry (35% time spent)
      Tuesday: Strategic Research & Analysis, Points of View, Thought Leadership (20% time spent)
      Wednesday: How-To Posts, Guest Blogging, Peer Content (25% time spent)
      Thursday: Bold Points of View / Strong Opinion, Challenger (5% time spent)
      Friday: Light-hearted, Cultural, Funny Amusing (15% time spent)

      A Quick View
      SEO – Lays the groundwork
      Social – Fuels the content
      Content – Fuels the demand


      • Consistently deliver content that their target wants to consume & share
      • PR efforts guide their vision as a leader in the space
      • Deliver amazing experiences on and offline
      • Build a thriving community

      Make a plan, make it Asesome, deploy, track & measure, optimize, close new business and WIN!

      And this is why we are considered the best content marketing agencies in St. Louis.

      Brace yourselves and help us welcome Kerry Musenbrock to the team!

      “aka Fitness Coach, aka, Marketing Genius, aka Makes things Happen”

      If it wasn’t for Kerry joining, Acumen Studio could have gone downhill quick, but luckily she chose to come on board and the future is guaranteed to be filled with Huge Wins, Slick Campaigns, New Revenue all over the place and Big Smiles.

      As the Lead Marketing Strategist & Account Manager she oversees client onboarding, campaigns, reporting and making sure our customers results are way up.

      Kerry has a serious background in Marketing, Finance, Health & Wellness.

      Get ready to be amazed and when you see her out an event, blogging, vlogging, on social or livestreaming let her know how hard she is killing it!