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Author: John Bracamontes

Preston Keller is the Vice President at Kingdom Capital.

Preston is currently the Vice President at Kingdom Capital and Former Vice President of Business Development at Adaraz BioSystems.

Through his strategic leadership organization have grown exponentially leading successful capital raises and growing winning teams.

Leaders in Business & Marketing.

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You’re talking to customers everyday and are hearing their questions, concerns, wants and needs.

We are writing a collaborative article that features You and what you are seeing / hearing in the industry today.



What are current and prospective customers asking for most often of you?

What helps your current and prospective customers better understand your capabilities?

What is the most common way new and prospective customers order from you?


Below is a form that if you could fill in these answers below we will feature you and your answers in our upcoming Print Professionals Q&A Article!



    Best Way to clarify your capabilities to customers? (required)
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    Apple’s iOS 11 will now have a native installation of a QR Code reader built into the camera.

    QR code usage was never really that strong due to the need for using a 3rd party app to scan them.

    The journey went something like this:  A company adds a QR code to some information or engagement piece, the user has to find and download a QR reader, then has to scan the code and finally land on the piece.

    Now all the user has to do is open their camera and click!

    This is huge for Commercial Printing Company Marketing because now it makes sense to add QR to direct mail, brochures, flyers, posters, etc.

    What are your thoughts?

    Rebecca Fields

    Welcome to the Team Rebecca!

    We are super excited to have Rebecca Fields join the team as our new Director of Digital Marketing.

    Read on to learn a little more about Rebecca?

    Where are you from?
    Born and raised in STL!

    Where did you Graduate from?
    Master’s from Webster and Undergrad from the Harvard of the Midwest (haha…AKA Missouri State)

    What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working):
    Love working with dogs – currently working with a rescue pup, for the last 3 years, to help her enjoy the company of people and not be afraid! Also love doing home improvements – anything is possible with the right power tool!!

    Favorite Movie Genre:
    I most often watch comedies – but horror movies are by far my favorite!

    Favorite Type of Music:
    Anything but country! Favorite band of all time: Led Zeppelin.

    Place you’d like to visit?
    Anywhere I haven’t been! But, Hawaii is my dream destination – waiting to go until I can spend 3 weeks!

    Drink of Choice?
    My drink pallet is rather boring – I prefer water – unless you’re talking alcoholic drinks – in which case I love beer that tastes like water! Natty Light please!

    B2B marketing has evolved from its meager origins of sales support materials to a highly nuanced complicated field. The following B2B executives express views which not only provide clarity to navigating the current climate, but are also of immediate and timeless value to other areas of your business.

    1. John Hayes, CEO of Com

    “…there is going to be a staggering volume of content coming from industrial marketers in 2017.  Even the ones who are doing it poorly plan to keep on spending money to churn out more and more content. And that content is all targeting the same audience.”

    Hayes’s advice to stand out from the crowd is to spend more time developing high-quality content rather than publish as much as possible. Quality over quaintly, always.


    2. Bob Bechek, Worldwide Managing Director of Bain & Company

    “…don’t be afraid necessarily to stay in one place and build something significant.”

    Wise words from the consulting giant Bechek, which certainly applies to our current marketing atmosphere; rather than jump from one trendy platform to the next without thought, build a cohesive strategy and stick with it before making a decision to discard.


    3. Diana O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer of Deloitte

    “…thought leadership is an anchor not just to marketing, positioning and content, but it also serves as the fundamental source for our professionals because our people are our greatest asset.”

    If you are struggling to develop high quality content, chances are that the people working for you are already capable of producing excellent marketing materials. Enable them to use their voice!


    4. Pierre Duprat, Vice-President, Corporate Communications of VINCI

    “One can speak of the emergence of social media, 2.0 world. It is a vision software.”

    VINCI is the world’s largest construction company, and their marketing gurus recognize that the best strategy is investment in future technologies, which will not resemble the world today. And Duprat makes an important point – as we move closer to fully utilizing resources like virtual reality headsets, marketing in the B2B space will be driven by visuals.


    5. Joel Quadracci, Chairman, President & CEO of Quad/Graphics

    “We constantly dare ourselves to think differently … to ask “what if” and “why not?” … to experiment. The worst that can happen is we fail trying. The best is we champion the next breakaway idea that catapults us to the next level of success.”

    Hopefully you’ve noticed the theme! B2B execs believe in a willingness to try new strategies and technologies in order to develop the best marketing campaign possible, which can be an important differentiator amongst competition in fields like commercial printing.


    6. Leon Black, Chairman of Apollo Global Management

    “Doing something that is worthwhile in terms of helping others is important.”

    Marketing is more than trying to close a sale. In the digital age where there is noise coming from every direction, it is imperative for your marketing to be of actual value for your potential clients or customers.


    For more B2B Digital Marketing strategies and tactics check out the rest of our site!

    Stuart Morse is the CEO of The Morse Group.

    His experience has been working with Fortune 50 & 100 companies to help bring clarity through creative solutions for leaders and organizations that move teams and catapult new initiatives.

    In this episode we talk about the journey from working on farm equipment to equipping executives with the clarity they need to move initiatives, teams and organizations forward.

    You can learn more about The Morse Group here: http://morsegrp.com/

    Leaders in Business and Marketing iTunes

    Leaders in Business and Marketing Stitcher

    Marin recently pulled together information as a report on the State of Digital Marketing for 2017.

    From their site:
    “Marin Software interviewed top digital marketing managers around the world to discover the trends, opportunities, and challenges they face in 2017. Read the report to learn the current state of the digital marketing industry, plus expert tips and recommendations for success.

    Highlights include:
    Digital Marketers’ top priorities for 2017
    The ROI potential of different mobile marketing strategies
    The main reasons marketers miss out on revenue opportunities
    How marketers can increase advertising performance by 70% or more
    The hottest marketing technologies industry leaders are looking to invest in next”

    We grabbed some of the highlights and shared them here:

    • 43% of marketers expect their mobile budgets on search marketing investment to increase between 10% and 30% in 2017
    • On the social side, 70% of respondents plan to increase their advertising budget
    • Marketers on search and social face an ongoing learning curve due to the constant influx of new features and ad products. As a result, many struggle to keep up with the fast pace of innovation *We at Acumen don’t struggle with this by the way

    You can download the full PDF report here: http://downloads.digitalmarketingdepot.com/rs/727-ZQE-044/images/MAR_1706_StateDigAd.pdf