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Author: John Bracamontes

Have you struggled to figure out how to brand / re-brand your company?  Or even wondered if doing it is a waste of time?

We don’t consider ourselves a Branding Agency but we are experts at knowing where your company lands in the spectrum of branding needs.

Here’s a Fact!

If you were to talk to a creative / branding agency today they will tell you that…

  • You need to do research
  • Create a messaging & positioning strategy
  • Build the creative

Makes sense right? It sure does, but wow, that’s generic!

Then they’ll speak to the success of big brands.  They will always reference Apple, then talk about other huge brands like Nike and others.

Here’s another Fact!

Apple didn’t become how it is today overnight.  Neither did Nike or any other huge brand.


This is a typical journey of a company from startup to mature leading brand.

  1. Company starts – No one knows you who are or how good your product / service is
  2. Company gets sales – The company has the ability to keep going
  3. Company grows – Now more sales are achieved and needed to get bigger
  4. Company is bigger – More people know about the company through sales and word or mouth
  5. Company matures – Refines processes, products and services in a consistent way
  6. Company is defined – People now know the company by it’s name, logo, products, services, etc.

Most companies hang out at stages 2, 3 and 4.

You get very little benefit from Apple-level branding until your ready to move into stage 5 of maturing the company.

Of course you need to differentiate your company, define your goals and have a clean & consistent visual identity.

But to over focus on your message and position in early stages can only help so much.

If you’re company is in stage 3 or 4 then you need to focus on strategic deployment of your company, products and services.

Sales focused messages that are put directly in front of the people that best fit your ideal customer profile and those searching for the products & services you provide.

There’s a Branding for that!

And it’s not the overthinking of which adjectives to use when describing how you provide the best services and deliver the best products.

*As a side note that’s pretty much every branding agency’s process. Figure out a way to say how you’re different, provide the best service and have the best products in a way that makes you feel good about the process you just went through and paid for.


By researching online what customers pain points are, how they search for the products & services you sell and what other industry authorities are saying on these topics you can create a content strategy that answers their questions, get’s you found and “brands” you as a go to resource and provider of exactly what your customers are looking for.

This will grow your sales, your brand and your reputation (which ultimately is a part of your brand).


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    Specifics You Would Like Us to Know?

    We are Excited to welcome Aykut Ibrisim to the team as a new Sr. Marketing Strategist!
    His experience is strong, his attitude for winning is stronger.
    Learn a little bit more about Aykut.

    Where are you from?
    I’m actually from  Turkey – Istanbul, but I’ve been living in St. Louis for almost 4 years now.


    Where did you Graduate from? (College / High School if not college grad)
    I  had my BA in Public Relations and Advertising from Istanbul Bilgi University.


    What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working )?
    I recently began producing Podcasts and I really enjoy learning different things, meeting with different people with each show. I love making and upscaling things such as turning vintage cameras into lamps, bringing old bikes back into life.


    Favorite Movie or Movie Genre?
    Good old Star Wars series are the best. Give me all Dystopian movies 🙂


    Favorite Type of Music?
    I am a fan of Blues from the heart. But my Spotify lists are mostly filled with Indie Rock.


    Place you’d like to visit?
    There are too many places I would like to visit in States which makes me very excited but I am really looking forward to visiting Grand Canyon.


    Drink of Choice?
    During the day always trying to keep hydrated with plenty of water. But in terms of enjoying the moment with friends and family, The Old Fashioned is my first choice.

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      Preston Keller is the Vice President at Kingdom Capital.

      Preston is currently the Vice President at Kingdom Capital and Former Vice President of Business Development at Adaraz BioSystems.

      Through his strategic leadership organization have grown exponentially leading successful capital raises and growing winning teams.

      Leaders in Business & Marketing.

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      You’re talking to customers everyday and are hearing their questions, concerns, wants and needs.

      We are writing a collaborative article that features You and what you are seeing / hearing in the industry today.



      What are current and prospective customers asking for most often of you?

      What helps your current and prospective customers better understand your capabilities?

      What is the most common way new and prospective customers order from you?


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        Phone ConversationForm on your WebsiteOnline Customer Portal

        Apple’s iOS 11 will now have a native installation of a QR Code reader built into the camera.

        QR code usage was never really that strong due to the need for using a 3rd party app to scan them.

        The journey went something like this:  A company adds a QR code to some information or engagement piece, the user has to find and download a QR reader, then has to scan the code and finally land on the piece.

        Now all the user has to do is open their camera and click!

        This is huge for Commercial Printing Company Marketing because now it makes sense to add QR to direct mail, brochures, flyers, posters, etc.

        What are your thoughts?

        Rebecca Fields

        Welcome to the Team Rebecca!

        We are super excited to have Rebecca Fields join the team as our new Director of Digital Marketing.

        Read on to learn a little more about Rebecca?

        Where are you from?
        Born and raised in STL!

        Where did you Graduate from?
        Master’s from Webster and Undergrad from the Harvard of the Midwest (haha…AKA Missouri State)

        What are some things you enjoy doing (besides working):
        Love working with dogs – currently working with a rescue pup, for the last 3 years, to help her enjoy the company of people and not be afraid! Also love doing home improvements – anything is possible with the right power tool!!

        Favorite Movie Genre:
        I most often watch comedies – but horror movies are by far my favorite!

        Favorite Type of Music:
        Anything but country! Favorite band of all time: Led Zeppelin.

        Place you’d like to visit?
        Anywhere I haven’t been! But, Hawaii is my dream destination – waiting to go until I can spend 3 weeks!

        Drink of Choice?
        My drink pallet is rather boring – I prefer water – unless you’re talking alcoholic drinks – in which case I love beer that tastes like water! Natty Light please!